between me and the prezi team

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Hi Patrick, (so glad we are on first name basis now)

Thanks for the link.  I have already tried this and they asked me to provide them with  my private email on a public site.  Which despite all my misgivings is probably still a really stupid thing to do so of course I didn’t do it.  I actually solved the problem for myself and could offer my recently developed “after sales service” skills to you for the same price as the prezi product ie $59 which is incredibly reasonable considering the sales team don’t need to actively sell or trouble shoot.  Let me know if I can actually do something for you.  I can provide you with an ABN numberand invoice you should you require it.



> Hi Karen,

We are happy to help our customers, that is why I’ve provided the link to customer support. If you are having troubles with the desktop, they are suited to help solve this, our sales team it not.

Thanks for your understanding, here’s the link again should you need it.

Kind Regards,


On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 7:25 AM, Karen Butler <

Dear Mr Wenger,

So, you will gladly sell a product but take no responsibility for after sales service or troubleshooting when the product is being used, but prefer to outsource it….hmmm interesting.

I doubt bandwidth has anything to do with the amount of emails you can send and receive and a company such as yours would have excellent broadband connectivity so I can only assume that you are making fun of the fact that the public education system’s broadband connectivity is crap and their bandwidth inadequate to download large graphic files, or you think I don’t actually know what bandwidth means and you are making fun of me.

Either way when I present to a few hundred educators next month, guess whose product I will NOT be recommending?  And guess what I won’t be renewing next year…?

I cannot end this email with a thanks because there has been no service delivered for which a thank-you is warranted.



Thank you for your note. Please post your question in one of our many support resources: Twitter, Facebook, Get Satisfaction. All Prezi employees actively answer questions there – it is the best way to get a prompt response. Note that Get Satisfaction is a separate company (they are not connected to Prezi), and you need to register separately to post a question/comment.

Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to answer individual

support questions by email. We do not offer phone support. We look forward to addressing your question or comment.

The Prezi Team

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 1:19 AM, Karen Butler <> wrote:

To whom it may concern,

I have purchased a Prezi account and have had to recently use powerpoint instead of prezi because the desktop prezi will not download.  I have upgraded to edu pro but I keep getting told I do not have a license and that my trial has expired.  I just want it on my desktop because the bandwidth at my school is too slow for me to construct on line and I am entitled to it anyway because I have paid for it.

Can you please fix this problem  I posted this on the support pagE but I don’t think this is very useful.  I want the product I paid for please.

Karen Butler

Year Six Teacher/E-learning coordinator

Grange Schools



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