Ego – it is a dirty word, for a woman over 50 anyway.

So is it egotistical to share a selfie everyday for a year while you are examining the effects of abstinence? Probably. Is it egotistical to implode when you realize you have accidentally posted said selfies to all your social already media accounts because you haven’t blogged for so long you forgot you connected them? Definitely. So that happened. One “friend” said “geez Kaz if yoga makes you look like that I would give it up”. Knowing that person quite well I think he would have shown spouse and said words with expletives followed by ugly.  But there is the bare truth. Over 50 and a woman, so aging means being less acceptable, and consequently I guess I am supposed to be less visible. Well stuff that. So I am trying to combat the ego and manage a journal which is naturally about my self. I feel a bit like the bogey man in a Pratchet novel who has had the covers thrown over him. Cue existential crisis. Anyway day 3 is equally hideous.


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Teacher, ICT user, Thinker!
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