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Dear Reader,

Could you copy and send this letter to your local MP and to The Hon John Rau, Attorney General SA, at


I am writing on behalf of my friends (insert our names here).  They been approved for adoption and have been waiting for a child from China for 5 years.  At the current processing rate they will be waiting another three years and 4 months.  Added to this injustice is a new criteria that will be applied to them retrospectively, when they re register in 2013.  This new criteria will see them being deemed ineligible after waiting for so long.  This is simply cruel.

The latest UNICEF numbers for 2008 indicate that there are an estimated 132 million orphans (the 2006 estimate was 143 million).  Many of them die before reaching 5 years old, yet we are tied in bureaucratic processes that prevents two loving people who are financially secure and able to provide a good home, from providing this stable environment to a child in need.  This is a completely tragic situation and completely unjust

(insert our names here) would make wonderful parents yet their dream is about to be shattered by a new criteria agreed to by our Attorney General’s department.  This is completely unacceptable.  We ask that all potential adoptive parents be exempt from providing an official transcript of their driver’s history and instead be provided with a formal document from their transport agency that sites, where appropriate, “no serious infringements”.

You can make this happen.  You can also address the issues endemic in the whole inter-country adoption process.  We ask that you take action to redress these injustices

Your sincerely,


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