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The Hon. Mark Butler

Minister for Social Inclusion

Minister for Mental Health and Ageing

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Mental Health Reform

Australian Labor Party

House of Representatives

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House


ACT 2600

Dear Mr Butler

Further to my previous letter regarding inter-country adoption, to which you have not responded, is another complication.  I have appeared on Today Tonight regarding this issue, and did not mention that you have not responded to my letter so I would appreciate you responding this time.  Attached is the letter I received from families SA.  I have also attached the letter I sent to you over a week ago and have as yet received no reply.

China has now requested the drivers history of all applicants and are applying the eligibility criteria of five or less infringements retrospectively for ALL applicants.

China has requested the drivers history of applicants before, but having been lodged under the old criteria, where it was not a requirement, we were still eligible.  China has been changing the criteria for some time.  Having been lodged under the old criteria 5 long years ago we have dodged the new criteria of “no history of cancer” and no “mental health issues”.

China is well aware that most western cultures view these issues differently and also knows it will disqualify many, many hopeful parents.  This latest criteria is cruel in that it will be applied retrospectively to all applicants.  What is most distressing is that our attorney’s general have all greed to this new criteria.

While the China adoption program remains precarious and China seems to be looking to close it down slowly, (this is my view not an official one) the Attorneys General could have voiced opposition and required a diplomat to negotiate on behalf of the prospective adoptive parent.  But, as there are only 320 of us I suppose they didn’t consider this to be many votes.

I cannot correspond directly with China as this will jeopardize my current file.  I have been regularly silenced on this issue.  Some prospective parents, especially those without violations, will in fact be angry with me for voicing any opposition as this can upset the program altogether.  Please do not mention me in any direct correspondence with China as this will be the final nail in the coffin for our dream to become parents.

China has literally tens of thousands of applications from America and these retrospective criteria are probably designed to reduce their numbers significantly.  This is small consolation for me.

What I would like to see happen is that the attorneys general allow prospective parents to submit a formal document in place of a driver’s history from their local transport authority stating “no serious infringements”.  In our culture what is deemed serious is different.

There must be some way to work around this requirement.  The Attorneys General’s offices having agreed to this ridiculous criteria need now to come up with a way to protect the hopeful couple waiting.

When I first joined the queue it was a 9 month wait.  It has been blowing out every year so that now we have been waiting 5 years and the rate they are processing it looks as though this new criteria will rule us out.

The Chinese officials do not even have to tell us if we have been deemed ineligible.  We will only find out when our batch date arises and they can tell us bad luck, you’ve waited nine years but you are no longer eligible.  The whole system is cruel.

This may not register on your radar as an important issue but it is destroying my life.  I wish to be a parent.  I am a voting constituent and I want you to be my voice in a situation where I feel powerless.  I am hoping that this time you will respond because your silence is adding to the heartbreak we are already experiencing.

Yours sincereley


Deputy Premier


Minister for Planning

Minister for Business Services and Consumers

Dear Mr Rau,
Attached are letters I have sent to my MP.  Having agreed to new criteria dictated by China with regard to prospective adoptive parents, I am asking that you take action on our behalf . The new criteria will devastate the hopes and dreams of many waiting prospective parents, not just myself.  This is a desperate situation.  We have been waiting for five years and at the rate China is processing we will have to submit our driver’s history when we are reviewed again in 2013.  6 years after beginning this process.  This will make us ineligible.  This is so unfair.  We have jumped through every hoop to be approved as parents, and been waiting patiently and silently for five long years.  How could the Attorneys General agree to such criteria knowing full well it will disqualify many hopeful couples.  This will destroy us.  Where are the diplomats to China? Why are they not negotiating on our behalf?  How could we agree to such ridiculous criteria?  We may be a small minority of people who you consider to be unworthy of negotiating for because our votes are so few, but this a humanitarian issue and should not have been treated as a political rubber stamp.
Please read the attached letters and respond promptly.   I am not interested in the delicate nature of negotiations with China, I am only interested in the action you will take to protect the many desperate prospective parents who are waiting in the China queue.

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