Sex and the City 2

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Went to see SnC2 and was throughly entertained as usual. Yes its lost some of its edgy commentary but so what, where else could it go really??  I love the way it has always taken some of the grand narratives around women and retold them in a parody of themselves.  The new movie has SJP in 42 costume changes, one in a dessert, with Abdul the butler appointed to provide not one, but two outfits suitable for camel riding and a bedouin.  It’s so ridiculous it’s funny, in the same way we all laughed when Carrie realises she has spent her housing deposit on designer shoes. Women  released by Wolf’s “The Beauty Myth” relate to this. The commentary about women in the Middle East having to cover up is not without its own dig at women in high-powered New York who continue to fight misogyny even in so-called enlightened societies.  While underneath the burqa they are also wearing Vuitton, Dior et al.

I have often wondered about Carrie’s perfect size “0” and thought, is it any more  enlightened to diet our way into invisibility to appeal to some “suggested” ideal that’s not compulsory of course, but recommended under many doctrines be it “beauty” or the new “health” regime that hides behind anti-obesity, than it is to conceal women beneath a veil?  And I reckon that particular commentary, is there, beneath the 42 costume changes some of which are truly hideous, and shamelessly promote designer fashion houses!

Finally the story was timely for me as an old married with no kids.  Carrie’s choice to remain “child free” instead of “childless” isn’t so much celebrated as exposed as an issue for all women who put career first and have to make those choices because we still don’t live in a society that values child rearing or care because we still expect women to sacrifice their lives and do it for free.  Economies survive on the free labour of women still.  And as for being married and being faithful to one person even when they are falling asleep in front of the telly, well that’s a whole other story I can relate to!

Whether we wear the veil or not we still have a long way to go to make our work visible and be rewarded for it financially.  So I couldn’t give a rats whether Carrie and co slipped into Hollywod sentimentalism, I simply hooted out loud when Samantha stood in the middle of a crowd of aggressive Middle Eastern men who were making alarmed, disapproving commentary on her liberated sexual practices, as condoms spilled from her bag and she screamed “Yes, I have sex, so fucking what”.

S0, call me a sycophant, or shallow or whatever you like I still enjoyed kicking back and switching my mind into cruise and fantasising about being 30 again.  Because we get old and we become invisible just as surely as we would if we were hidden with just our eyes revealed, gazing into a foggy future speckled with the possibilities of menopause, adultery, childlessness.  Yes we have sex, we have your babies, or we don’t, and we love you even when our lives become insanely dull in the rocky lifetime that is marriage and we deserve some damn respect for it.


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One Response to Sex and the City 2

  1. Kat says:

    Great review, Karen, and a welcome relief to all the savage reviews going round. I like your take on the themes. There was lots I could identify with too – just wish we could have another full series to explore them in, instead of just a couple of hours in a dark cinema…

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