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Listen Here, Man Of God!

We were in Borders last night and as we entered we could hear the frenetic rantings of a man, his soap box and his portable amplifier, graphically describing what happens to the foetus during abortion.  After referring to brain cells … Continue reading

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Great and Small

I was just watching my screen having a major case of writer’s blog, a name I wanted to give this blog, funnily enough, but is taken by some other word player.  What I noticed, apart from the annoying screen-dulling effect of … Continue reading

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Where’s my dinner?

Leon and I went to an extremely expensive restaurant, The Manse, for our tenth anniversary on Saturday night.  I didn’t realise it was quite so..elite. I had passed the old building often and wondered what it would be like to … Continue reading

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Sex and the City 2

for original source go to Went to see SnC2 and was throughly entertained as usual. Yes its lost some of its edgy commentary but so what, where else could it go really??  I love the way it has always … Continue reading

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To Facebook or not to Facebook….

Went to a workshop recently where the presenter was saying she was terrified of Facebook and that 80% of year 4s were using it and that her daughter’s account was hacked and some pretty horrible things were posted.  So I … Continue reading

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