Primary Connections – A Unique Kind of Torture…..

So read the Science document Primary Connections, particularly the Change Detectives, and you will find yourself running around trying to melt chocolate and keep stuff frozen in order to demonstrate changing states of matter.  I could demonstrate changing states of matter as my blood pressure went through the roof and the noise level in my classroom reached fever pitch and my ears stated to sweat blood.  The, oh so innocuous, direction in the document: “….during a break prepare the following” Yeah, my break times are so huge I can melt chocolate, carry frozen items, un-cork a perfume bottle and boil water all in the same lesson, because I do, in fact, have superhero powers and can do my yard duties and then exist twice in time and space so I can prepare for science lessons.  Worst day of the year today.  And I have the mess to greet me tomorrow.  Sigh.


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One Response to Primary Connections – A Unique Kind of Torture…..

  1. Annie says:

    Remind me not to do that one! As a very non science person I am loving it! Haven’t had an experience like you just yet but so far so good. I am doing stage 2 Materials..started very safe.

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