Major stuff up

So today I was presenting on digital story telling and I am expecting 12 participants and 26 turn up.  I have an hour to present and am feeling smug because my Mac is working with the Promethean board unlike my predecessor who had no end of trouble with it and had to borrow my laptop and computer in order to present.  But when I go to show the PC applications the bloody projector does not want to talk to the PC.  There is nothing on god’s earth I can do to make it work either.  I think I even said the “F” word hope no one heard.  I was sweating stress bullets.  My hair went from ironed, neat and straight, to perspiration induced waves and I was panicking as 26 pairs of eyes are waiting for the show….I hate it when technology doesn’t work, so flaming embarrassing.  I came home and had two wines one after the other.  It took ages for me to stop sweating.


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