Friday Night

I am currently sitting in bed with my laptop.  A bad habit to get into apparently, especially of you are not a good sleeper like me.  But it’s Friday night and I was supposed to be out dancing for the first time in centuries, but my husband wanted to spend time with me as I am working all day tomorrow.  He is currently asleep in front of the telly on the couch. I am really enjoying this quality time……with the laptop!

Wasn’t really sure I wanted to be out dancing anyway.  The girls who invited me are almost half my age and I did not want to feel like a dumpy cougar on the prowl – can you prowl if you are dumpy???- I have a short skirt I planned to wear but I am not so sure I have the legs any more to pull it off.

It gets difficult after 35.  You seem to become invisible and it gets worse as you make it into your forties.  No-one really seems to desire you except your husband and he does even if you are in sweats or crumpled pyjamas, seeking the warmth of the electric blanket having neglected to brush your teeth.  So here I am a month away from 45, sitting in bed lamenting my lost youth.  Yet I still have a lot of life to live.  Will it always be this way from now on, looking back, wondering what may have been?


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